Commercial Exterior Color Design

Hollywood Theatre

Hollywood Theater top

Hollywood Theater side

Hollywood Theatre detail

The East store-front side of the Hollywood Theatre springs forth in its unique colors

Sophisticated and eclectic, Mary McMurrray's color design for the Alberta Rowhouses shows artistic and distinctive paint colors in keeping with the neighborhood. Before painting, the houses showed no reference to their location. The new colors augment an innovative blend of historic and contemporary elements in the architecture, and bring a warm spirit right out to the street.

Alberta Rowhouse Aafter

Alberta Rowhouse  B


Alberta Row corner B

Alberta Row corner A

The Old Spaghetti Factory
International Corporate Offices and Restaurant

With new colors

The company flagship building at the South Waterfront on the Willamette River.

before painting

Blue ceramic roof tiles were custom-made in Japan and shipped to Portland for installation. However, the monotone white paint scheme did nothing to distinguish the unique architecture. Mary McMurray's new multi-color paint designs define and enhance the textural nuances of business premises.

before improvement




The Old Spaghetti Factory

Retail Showrooms

1039 NW Glisan, Portland. New paint colors attract clients to the art gallery and retail shops in this Pearl District structure, a welcome change from the previous gray paint.


We guarantee that every color design we create is original and selected especially for you.

Hawthorne Wellness Clinic



We also designed the interior colors for this health clinic, to view click here

The Hawthorne Wellness Clinic in its comforting new colors.

The Grand Stable and Carriage Building

The Grand Stable and Carriage Building, built in 1885, and its adjoining Annex to the South, built in 1894, are on the National Register of Historic Places.


The cast-iron facade on the older building is now beautifully highlighted with our historically appropriate color design. Its sister annex, with a more contemporary look, blends engagingly in thoughtfully selected hues and tones.


 County Animal Shelter

Multnomah County
The Multnomah County Animal shelter is transformed by paint from a bleak prison to a welcoming home. And we selected the fabric for the awning to link the existing signage color with the new look.

The new paint and awning colors of the BASCO Appliance Showroom, Portland.

Below: the scene before the color detective arrived.


Art First also did the interior colors of the BASCO Showroom

Portland Marble Works

proud new colors.

Services available to you at any location

Additional Commercial Clients

The Hollywood Theatre, Portland

Quantum Residential, Portland and Eugene



The Highcliffe Restaurant, Oregon City


Tandoor Indian Kitchen, Portland


Stellar Coffee, Portland, Oregon

The Klondike Restaurant, St Helens


Exterior and interior color design for a restaurant on N.W. 21st Ave, Portland.

Art First also designed the red and white diamond window graphic to provide a modesty panel for the diners inside.

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