Interior color design for commercial buildings

Providence Park Stadium

Art First was comissioned to change the concourse colors of Portland's historic Civic Stadium, The Timbers' Field
I selected vibrant shades of green with accents of red, green and gold, color-coded to guide the fans toward the dining, beverage or lounge areas.
18th-20th Ave and Morrison St,
Portland, Oregon

We guarantee that every color design we create is original and selected especially for you.

The stylish reception area of Convergent Communications, S.W. Ankeny, Portland



Convergent Communications



We guarantee that every color design we create is original and selected especially for you.


Services available to you at any location

Hawthorne Wellness Center clinic



We also designed the exterior colors for this clinic, to view click here


The Hawthorne Wellness Center provides many treatment disciplines. Over a dozen treatment rooms, the offices, and waiting room were reborn from an overused office complex. The new colors and materials we selected contribute to a truly healing experience.

front_desk after

Hawthorne Wellness Center
Multifaceted Clinic, Yoga and Movement Studio

Stellar Coffee Shop


Regal colors enhance your sense of taste at Stellar Coffee, Portland



Zinc Bistrot

By Angela Allen of The Columbian

Basic French Zinc Bistrot rises from Zefiro ashes

Maybe 500 N.W. 21stAve. in Portland will reprise its former fame. Recognize that address?

It was the home of the now defunct Zefiro, Bruce Carey's pace-setting spot that thrust Portland food into the national limelight and has left this area glowing in it 10 years later.

Now the warm-walled Zinc Bistrot -- thanks to the eye of Mary McMurray, color consultant -- has opened at that address, and yes, the 'T' should be at the tail end of that all too familiar "bistro."

Co-owner Susan Sarich and Houston Striggow, a Chicago food couple with Levy Restaurants, Lettuce Entertain You and five-star French chef Jean Joho on their resumes, have done their research and revamped the place to look urbanely urban-French.

after: the Zinc Bistrot at opening. Photo by Holly Stickley

Though "bistro" has become overused to mean just about everything informal and trendy, the old spelling, "bistrot," conjures up back-to-basics, wine-on-the-table, says Sarich, who thinks clearly in concepts. Fresh baked baguettes, a zinc-topped bar (a Parisian thing), steak frites (you know them as french fries), coq au vin (a traditional French chicken dish), 12-foot communal tables and "plat du jours" are part of the scene, which judging by the shoulder-to-shoulder June 8 opening, will be well-received. What lucky timing, as "Moulin Rouge" can-cans at the same time.

A "Napoleon's tent" a private dining area draped in red velvet, a tribute to Napoleon's penchant for eating well during battle, is not part of that unfussy concept, but it is French and will no doubt be popular in an outré sort of way.

Right now it's dinner and late night bar only, and closed Mondays.

 before: the bare walls

Classic Sash and Door


Classic Sash and Door Showroom, inside Rejuvenation, Portland

Studio and Gallery 33, N.W. Everett, Portland
  Studio and Gallery 33
BASCO Appliance Showroom
David Frank Custom Design Jewelry
Houlton Bakery, St. Helens
Kelsall Chiropractic Clinic
SAPA, Inc., Corporate Offices, Portland
Tèbo's Restaurant, Gladstone
7th Street Antiques, Oregon City
Gallery 33, US Bankcorp Tower, Portland
The Grand Oregon Lodge, Oregon City
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